Out Of Home (OOH)

The world's oldest media is going through a revitalisation.  As media owners continue to invest in their infrastructure through the proliferation of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and advancements in technology such as NFC, Apple Pay, iBeacons and interactivity.

With continued investment into the media and the data availability, Out of Home is an exciting place to be.  Google has announced that mobile search now accounts for more than desktop search in 10 countries including the UK, USA and Japan. Search and OOH work hand in hand to pin point audiences and create precise actions.  This can only benefit Out of Home as a medium to help drive that mobile search.



location, location, location



Understanding location is key to effectivly planning your Out Of Home campaign.  You may feel that bus shelter is small compared to your preferred billboard, but it may have a much better reach amongst your target audience.  Through our partnerships we have access to Route analytics data that can help us effectively plan and buy your outdoor campaign for you.

DeFrae Media have 10 years experience in planning strategic Out of Home media for brands and local companies across the UK, leading to us having a rather large book of contacts at the major UK Outdoor media owners.


Combining our knowledge of Google's location based marketing tools, Out of Home's Route planning system and leverage with the major Outdoor Media owners, we can plan and buy an Outdoor campaign for you to maximum efficiency.





With more people spending more of their working and leisure time, out of home, than ever before, outdoor advertising is becoming more complex, technologically advanced and personalised.  Let us help you get your brand or business in front of your community and target audience in the most effective way possible.



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