Black Taxi Trade Is Alive And Kicking And Sherbet London is Leading the Way

This week a protest was held by London Taxi drivers against Transport for London’s proposal to ‘strengthen the regulation of private hire services in London’. Many Black Taxi drivers feel that the regulations TfL proposed for Private Hire Vehicles are unfair, and that companies such as Uber are acting as taxis, but are not prepared to pay the costs. As an integral part of the London Transport Network, and the most flexible form of transport in the capital, we need to support London’s Black Taxis.

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The Black Taxi is an iconic part of London’s image, and Sherbet London is investing in this image, and looking forward to the future of the trade. Black Taxis are set apart from Private Hire Vehicles because they are safe, regulated, reliable, and perhaps most important of all, knowledgeable. All Black Taxi drivers are trained in The Knowledge of London, meaning you can be assured that your driver knows exactly where they are going, and that you will arrive at your destination in the fastest possible time, without the need of a GPS device.


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London Taxi drivers have often been accused of being stuck in their ways. However, the Taxi trade is undeniably evolving by introducing and embracing new technology. Although card payment is set to become compulsory from October this year, a large amount of Black Taxis in London already accept card payment, as well as other methods, such as contactless, Paypal and Apple Pay.


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The Black Taxi can get you to your meeting faster (with use of London’s bus lane network), in comfort, and with WiFi rolling out across our fleet this year.

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The Black Taxi trade is a very much needed feature of the fabric of London life and Sherbet London is striving to ensure it thrives with advancements in technology, efficiency and cleaner, greener taxis for the future. We totally believe in everything the Black Taxi stands for in London, and are always on the look-out for new drivers.

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At a breakfast meeting this morning a friend said to me that ‘the taxi business is dying’ - it isn’t, and with an estimated £2bn revenue in 2015, it’s still in very good health. The trade simply needs to embrace change and move swiftly with competitive challenge, to ensure its health in the long run.

If you believe in the Black Taxi trade as much as we do, and want to become part of Sherbet London, get in touch.

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